Sunday, March 25

MS36 Peridynamics: Material Modeling Without Derivatives

9:45-11:45 AM
Room: Shelby Center 150 - First Floor

Steven F. Henke

Florida State University, USA

Peridynamics is a recently-developed reformulation of solid mechanics that is non-local and avoids spatial derivatives, using an integral approach instead. Thus, it is suitable for modeling phenomena involving discontinuities, including cracking and fracture. In this minisymposium, speakers will address analytical and computational issues pertinent to peridynamics or related non-local models.

9:45-10:15 AM   Well-posedness of the Linear Peridynamic Model of Continuum Mechanics Abstract
Tadele Mengesha, Penn State University, USA
10:15-10:45 PM   Finite Element Methods for Peridynamics: A Tale of Many Quadratures Abstract
Miroslav Stoyanov Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
10:45-11:15 PM   Numerical Methods for the Nonlocal Peridynamics Model Abstract
Xi Chen, Florida State University, USA
11:15-11:45 AM   Convergence and Scaling of a Peridynamic Diffusion Equation In Multiple Dimensions Abstract
Steven F. Henke, Florida State University, USA

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