Poster: Dynamic response of a floating cylinder subjected to coupled wave and wind loading

The objective of the research presented herein is to analyze dynamical interactions in offshore structure under combined wind and wave loads for use in better estimation of power delivery and reliability in hybrid wind-wave generation systems. A model for an inclined floating cylinder at finite depth employing linear wave theory coupled with wind-induced effects is developed. The effects of wind induced forces and oscillations on the structure (i.e. the floating inclined cylinder) are studied by modeling the wind as a mean velocity profile superimposed by turbulent velocity fluctuations. Effects of vortex shedding are considered in the flow around the cylinder. Cross-flow principle is finally used to calculate the wind loads on the cylinder. Assuming small wave steepness and a large radius of cylinder, linear wave diffraction and radiation theory coupled with wind-induced effects is employed to analyze the loading response of the inclined floating cylinder. Numerical results of the dynamic response are presented and discussed while highlighting the increasing relevance of such modeling strategies for hybrid wind-wave power generation systems and their control.

Hang Yu
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

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