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IMAGE: picture   SIAM SEAS Conference,   March 24-25,2012,   UAH





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Student Posters

March 24-25
Shelby Center Lobby -first floor

Search for Cyclic Optimal Path in the Reflected Quasipotential Problem Abstract
Kasie Farlow, Virginia Tech, USA

Applications of Pattern Avoidance in a Cryptosystem Abstract
Katie Milhous, Georgia Southern University, USA

Adjusting the Wiener Index and modeling chemical compounds Abstract
Alex Collins, Georgia Southern University, USA

Dynamic response of a floating cylinder subjected to coupled wave and wind loading Abstract
Hang Yu , University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

Approximation of Random Dispersal Operators by Nonlocal Dispersal Operators Abstract
Xiaoxia Xie , Auburn University, USA


Posters should be constructed to fit in an area comprised of the equivalent of 16 A4 pages (4x4). You will be provided a floor poster stand (it does not have a pocket). Posters should be posted and ready to be viewed by lunch time at noon on Saturday March 24. The presenters should be available to discuss their posters during lunch time on Saturday March 24. Posters should remain up until the poster award ceremony during lunch time on Sunday March 25.

Alabama        Georgia        Florida        North Carolina       South Carolina        Tennessee

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